The Wider Family of Society of the Sacred Cross – Y Teulu Ehangach

Christ the crucified King, O come, let us worship


from the Rule of the Society of the Sacred Cross

The wider family of Society of the Sacred Cross provides a place for a variety of expressions of a life of prayer. Men and women who are drawn to the community and its vocation of prayer and are drawn back again and again, may find themselves wanting to be committed to this vocation within their daily life. Then, the community will invite them to become an Associate, Oblate or Companion of the Society of the Sacred Cross.


One way of developing a closer relationship with the community and its vocation, and belonging to the wider family of Society of the Sacred Cross is through becoming an Associate of the Society. An Associate undertakes to live as a faithful Christian disciple. The distinguishing characteristic of an Associate’s discipleship is that it is lived in relationship with a Community dedicated to the life of prayer under the specific dedication of the Sacred Cross. Each Associate knows that he or she is remembered and prayed for by the community.

The path to becoming an Associate starts with a visit to Tymawr, and continues with a period of discernment and fellowship with the Sisters during which he or she will be given a copy of the Associates’ Rule, which is a simple rule of life, common to all Associates. It includes a commitment to pray regularly for the community; to visit Tymawr or keep in touch by letter or email at least once a year; to be mindful of and, where possible, contribute to the financial and practical needs of the community at Tymawr; to seek to understand the religious life more deeply; and to remind the wider church of that life. They are given information about the spirit of the Rule by which the core community seeks to live. If there is mutual agreement, he or she is invited by the Community to make a simple promise in the context of the Eucharist in the Chapel at Tymawr. Our Associates have the opportunity to share in fellowship with each other, including an annual Associates Day held at Tymawr and other opportunities facilitated by the Associates’ Sister.

Oblates of the Society of the Sacred Cross

An Oblate is a man or woman whose life is formally offered to God within the Society of the Sacred Cross; this offering is made to Jesus crucified, risen and alive today. It is both simple and costly, a loving offering of time and talents and service to God, wherever He may call the Oblate to be. An Oblate accepts the Cross of Christ in faith and rejoices to take part in the life and work of the Society.

Part of the Oblate’s vocation is to share their life with the community, just as the community seeks to spread its life through the Oblate into the world. Sharing one’s life with the community normally includes an annual visit to the Convent. While here, the Oblate joins in the worshipping life of the community, and helps in some practical way. Such contacts help Oblates to grow in fellowship with the Sisters, and to interpret their Individual Rule in accordance with the living spirit of the Society. The Oblates are accompanied in their discernment of this vocation and in the writing and sustaining of their Rule by the Oblate Sister. Their oblation is made during the Eucharist in the Chapel at Tymawr. Each year a retreat and day of prayer are organized at Tymawr by the Oblates for their mutual support and growth in their vocation.