Sustainability – Cynaladwyedd

Environmental Sustainability

We understand living sustainably to be a practical expression of love for our neighbours and for God’s creation, and our response to the crucified Christ present in the suffering of the world today. As such, it is essential to our life to manage our resources sustainably, and to do what we can to improve our environment.

Sr Joanna wrote in the Church Times in Creationtide 2023 about ecology as prayer: full text of “God of sense and sensibility”.

The Grounds

Our first Sisters had the foresight to buy several fields surrounding the Convent, with the intention both of preserving our silence and solitude, and of receiving income from agricultural use. Consequently, we have 65 acres of land, the majority of which is let to the Gwent Wildlife Trust. We work in partnership with GWT across the entire site, which has enabled us to develop a wide range of habitats including wetland, extensive wildflower meadows, traditional orchards, woodland, rhôs pasture and a working coppice.

Recent projects include: digging ephemeral ponds with the intention of supporting amphibians; planting over 2000 trees as hedgerow, standards, and woodland using traditional techniques; and grafting and planting several new orchards.

Ethical Living

Our commitment to a vow of poverty makes sustainable living a natural choice. We buy ethically produced, organic goods as much as possible and use environmentally friendly toiletries, cleaning and other products. We have an extensive kitchen garden and orchards, run organically and on permaculture principles, which provides a substantial amount of our food during the year.


The Church in Wales is committed to reaching net zero by 2030. As a community we are working towards meeting this commitment across our site, which includes buildings from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. We are working to improve insulation, change our energy sources and heating systems, and improve accessibility. It is deeply exciting work, which reflects our commitment to care for the world and our hope that our community will continue to pray and serve the Church in this place for many years to come.

Further information on our grounds and updates on our sustainability work can be found in the Newsletters. We welcome volunteers to our grounds and gardens. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting this work financially please contact the Reverend Mother: .